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TFS preferred to use electric dispensers for aircraft refueling operations at Istanbul Airport.

[Istanbul, Turkey]: TFS has become the World’s first aviation fuel supply company that uses electric dispensers by transforming dispensers into electric with its local stakeholders to be used at the apron of Istanbul Airport. By transforming 50 jet fuel supply dispensers into electric within the scope of the project, TFS enabled a total of 4.445 tons less carbon emission. Önderyol and Katmerciler firms from Turkey took part as responsible stakeholders in the project.

An Exemplary Project in Developing Domestic Know-How

The project is a first among global jet fuel companies. Project has been presented in the IATA Technical Forum. Thanks to the project, Turkish firms acquired the know-how in the field of transformation of industrial vehicles into electric. Project also helped reducing environmental pollution, noise pollution and energy consumption.

TFS shared the outcomes and key aspects of the project with companies from Germany and Saudi Arabia that are willing to start a similar project.

TFS realized an exemplary project in the field of transformation of industrial vehicles into electric.

“TFS Green” for the Environment

TFS Management stated that they will keep developing environment-friendly practices as electric dispensers project is only the beginning. From April 2019 up until today 280,546 jet fuel supply operations for different planes is completed and 4.130.000 m3 of jet fuel is transferred by use of electric dispensers. The rate of transfers made solely by electric dispensers is 97%.

Projects’ positive outcomes for the environment are as following:

● 4.445 tons less CO2 emission in total
● 1.024 m3 less diesel fuel consumption per year
● Prevention of noise pollution

TFS CEO Hüseyin Hilmi Aslanoğlu said, “As TFS, we have taken all our steps towards constructing the future. Instead of just saving the day, we have built a sustainable and scalable operation to save the future. Instead of small gains in the short term, we looked for much more permanent benefits in the long term. Our electric dispenser project has been one of the best outputs of this vision. As of today, we can say that the project has paid off quite well with the gains we have made from fuel consumption savings. We will continue to take our steps towards

providing long-term and permanent benefits ”. He also mentioned “TFS Green” (sustainability brand of TFS) underlining TFS’s commitment for environment-friendly practices “Our brand ‘TFS Green’ is the reflection of our vision and commitment for the sustainable future. It reminds us the fact that environment is the main concern in everything we do.”

COMPANY INFORMATION [TFS Akaryakıt Hizmetleri A.Ş.]:

Turkish Fuel Services is a jet fuel supply, storage and transfer company that operates at İstanbul Airport. It is the authorized aviation fuel supplier of İGA İstanbul airport. TFS undertakes domestic and international sales, import, export, distribution and transport of petroleum products, mineral oils and greases, petrochemical products, chemicals and dyes for all kinds of aircraft.

TFS Fuel Farm

TFS’s 300,000 m³ capacity fuel farm facility comprises 7 tanks for product receiving and 3 tanks for transferring fuel to the airport.

TFS Port

TFS Port is placed north of Istanbul Airport and can host ships with capacity up to 125,000 DWT (Deadweight metric tons). Fuel discharge is carried out on the 2 pipelines with diameter of 30″ and approximate length of 12 km. Port pump station (booster station) with a capacity of 7500 m³/h enables discharging within 24 hours.

TFS Hydrant

In the airport, there is a state of the art hydrant infrastructure with 12 hydrant pumps and filter systems feeding the aircrafts. With a total capacity of 3,750 m³ / h, the Hydrant system consists of 81 km various sized pipelines and 511 aircraft supply points (hydrant pits). Hydrant is able to provide 62 aircrafts with fuel simultaneously. Aircraft fuel delivery service is carried out with total of 49 hydrant dispensers equipped with state of the art sensors that control fuel quality, 39 of which runs on electricity and 10 of which runs on diesel fuel. There are also 10 refueller with a capacity of 35 m³, and 99 % of the service at the airport is conducted with electric dispensers.


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Turkish Fuel Services operates at Istanbul Airport with its port, fuel farm and 105 km pipeline in the fields of transportation, storage and delivery of fuel needed by aircra. is located next to IGA İstanbul Airport in İstanbul. If you are looking for directions 


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