A World First in Jet Fuel Supply

TFS preferred to use electric vehicles for its aircraft refueling operations on the Istanbul Airport apron.

[Istanbul, Turkey]: TFS Akaryakıt Hizmetleri A.Ş. broke new ground by having the jet fuel supply vehicles used on the apron manufactured electrically with a project developed together with its domestic stakeholders within the scope of the Jet Fuel supply service carried out at Istanbul airport. TFS, which converted 50 jet fuel supply vehicles supplied within the scope of the project into electric, thus achieved 1624 tons less carbon emissions. In the transformation of electric vehicles, Önderyol and Katmerciler companies from Turkey played a role as responsible stakeholders. 

Sample Project in Domestic Know-How Development…

The project is the first among global jet fuel companies and was shared with members at the IATA Technical Forum. Thanks to the project realized, know-how in the field of industrial electric vehicle transformation in Turkey has been acquired and has contributed to the reduction of environmental and noise pollution and energy consumption.

Experience was shared with companies from Germany and Saudi Arabia who want to realize similar projects.

With this project, TFS has realized an exemplary project in the electrification processes of industrial vehicles in Turkey.

TFS Green for the Environment

TFS Management, who stated that they will continue to increase environmentally sensitive practices and that this project is only the beginning, stated that 4,130 m3 of fuel has been delivered in a total of 280,546 units of replenishment with electric dispensaries since April 2019. Among all replenishments, the rate of replenishments with electric dispensaries was 97%. With the project; 

  • 1,624 tonnes less CO2 emissions in total
  • 548 m3 less diesel consumption per year
  • Noise pollution prevention was achieved.


TFS CEO Hüseyin Hilmi Aslanoğlu, “As TFS, we have taken all our steps to build the future from the establishment stage. Instead of saving the day, we built a sustainable and scalable operation. Instead of small gains in the short term, we looked for much more permanent benefits in the long term. Our electric vehicle project has been one of the best outputs of this vision. As of today, we can say that the project has amortized itself with the profit we have made from fuel consumption and the contribution we have made to the protection of the environment. From now on, we will continue to take our steps towards providing long-term and permanent benefits.” “Our TFS Green brand speaks of our eco-friendly practices and projects. TFS Green is a reflection of our vision for the future,” he said, underlining TFS’s sensitivity to the environment.

Contact: seyran.son@turkishfuel.com