About Us


We are fueling the growth of Turkish Aviation Sector.

Turkish Fuel Services is the biggest aviation fuel supplier of Turkey. We are located at new Istanbul Airport Zone and serve more than 100 airways company. 

Our Mission

Helping to create economic prosperity in Turkey and in the region by transforming Turkish Aviation Sector into a global player along with our stakeholders. 

Our Vision

To attain a level of expertise in aviation fuel industry that will make us the go-to-company for anything related with aviation fuel transportation, supply and storage. 

TFS as a Global Best Practice in Aviation Fuel Industry

We are performing a very critical task regarding the function of İstanbul Airport. Task of this sort requires utmost attention to details and implementation of check & balance mechanisms for each step in the process. As TFS, we have created, here in İstanbul, one of the best practices in global aviation fuel supply industry. We are proud. We are also eager to extend our reach and go beyond the borders of Turkey.

Hüseyin Hilmi Aslanoğlu / CEO

Our Values

Organizations do not operate in vacuum. They are strongly related with the environment in which they operate. Ethics is not a sole moralist concept. It is the backbone of sustainability. To be sustainable, organizations should adopt positive values and transform themselves accordingly. As TFS, we take certain values seriously and align our operations in parallel with these values. 

  • We value sustainability.
  • We value protection of the environment.
  • We value human-centered work culture.
  • We value transparency and accountability.
  • We value competency and development.
  • We value economic prosperity and share of wealth among people.
  • We value equality of opportunity.
  • We value clear communication and goodwill.
  • We value up-culture in the workplace.
  • We value diversity.