The airport fuel hydrant system consists of 511 aircraft replenishment points that provide aircraft replenishment in all park positions, including pipelines of various sizes of 81 km and cargo. 99% of the aircraft replenishment service at the airport is carried out with electric dispensaries. With the SCADA automation system, the entire infrastructure is controlled and monitored.

  • The world’s first fleet of electric supply dispensers
  • 50 pcs Electric Dispenser
  • 10 pcs Diesel Dispenser
  • 10 pcs 35 m³ Supply Tanker
  • 3 pcs Pit Cleaner
    • 2-day operation on a single charge
    • Charging capacity in 1 hour (DC fast charging)
    • 20 charging stations
    • 170 km range on a single charge
  • Testrig Automation specially designed for pressure and meter tests of supply tools
  • There are periodic controls and systems in accordance with JIG standards.