Competency of Personnel

  • Key personnel is 10+ years experienced in aviation fuel sector.
  • All field workers have the  “Port Pump & Tank Field Operator” certificate. This certificate is issued by the Republic of Turkey Vocational Qualifications authority and shows the professional competency of the personnel.
  • All personnel attend periodical commencement and refreshment trainings given by General Directorate of Civil Aviation within the scope of Safety Management System.
  • All personnel takes part in the periodical emergency drills.
  • All our aircraft refueling personnel attended IATA Level 2 switch operations trainings and are certified by THY Academy and IATA.

Safety Procedures

All facility and equipments are designed and automatized from the safety-first perspective and this minimizes the accidents caused by human mistakes. 

There is a full time occupation physician and full time occupational safety expert in the company who are available all the time for employees. 

Signs warn of job security.
Using Dropper in Laboratory

Assurance of Product Quality

Before delivery to aircrafts, each party of fuel discharged from ships at TFS Port is analyzed and quality check is conducted. Fuel given to aircrafts is called JET A-1 and each party’s compatibility with the relevant international standards are controlled. Fuel Farm has a profound chemical analysis laboratory which is capable of testing all sorts of aviation fuels. 


Sectoral Certifications

We are a member of the Joint Inspection Group (JIG), which creates the standards for the aviation fuel industry. Besides, all our operation processes are audited by JIG every year. 

We are a strategic partner member of IATA, our operations are audited by IATA-IFQP every two years.