We care and act on it.

Environment for TFS is a primary concern. We take every chance to interchange our work practices with environment friendly ones.  

Carbon Emission Awareness

TFS operates with the aim of zero carbon emission. Towards this goal all 49 dispensers used in the airport apron are replaced with fully electric vehicles. With this change, 5385 ton less carbon emitted up until now. Besides, TFS started to replace rented regular cars with hybrid ones.

TFS will continue to be fully carbon emission aware company with the aim of reducing its carbon emission to zero in near future.  


Social Supports in the Airport Neighbourhood

TFS is in close contact with village schools surrounding the Airport area. Various supports for students and families in need are provided by TFS. 

Zero-Waste Policy

Zero-Waste policy is another priority of Turkish Fuel Services. In the facilities, management oversees zero-waste policy practices and takes every chance to diminish amount of waste. Recycling papers and using recyclable disposables is now the standard at the facility. 

Recycle or waste
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Environment Friendly Work Practices

Unnecessary energy consumption is one of the key factors in gradual environmental hazards humankind cause on earth. TFS is an energy-conscious workplace that takes every measure to diminish energy consumption. 

We care and act on it.